Stocking A Basic Pantry

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What I’ve compiled is a list of what I consider essentials in the kitchen. If I have these items on hand I can do about anything. Most of the ingredients in the pantry are non-perishable or at least have a shelf life of several months (flour, Worcestershire sauce, canned tomatoes, etc.)

The initial investment might be a stretch but think of what it will save you in fuel cost when you can look in your pantry or fridge and actually find what the recipe calls for or find a suitable substitute for that ingredient. That’s a good feeling. When you are buying things like flour and sugar don’t buy the smallest size it is packaged in……go for the 10 pounder, if you have the room. That flour will last a lo-o-o-ng time.

If you need to purchase the list over an extended period of time, download the list and highlight the items you use the most. Start with those and work through it in order of importance.

The list is divided into five categories: things for the pantry, dairy, miscellaneous sauces, produce and even a utensil list. You have to have the right tools to get the job done and get it done safely and as quickly as possible. A lot of people get frustrated with cooking because they try to do a task with the wrong tool.

The dairy list is very simple and adequate. Fortunately things like sour cream and whipping cream now have tremendously long shelf lives which gives you plenty of time to use them up. Eggs last for weeks as well…way beyond the expiration date marked on the carton. When you buy the cheese be sure and store it in an airtight bag (with the air removed) or wrap it well with plastic wrap. Good wrapping will prolong its life.

If after using the list you have any other ingredients you think are important let us know and if I ever feel the urge to expand it, I’ll do the same.

Remember – there are tons of tips on shortcuts and the easiest method for doing a certain task so please check out other parts of the blog.

The List >>

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Stocking your Basic Pantry

Stocking Your Basic Pantry

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