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Food For Thought is a two-minute food program that airs daily on public radio and is now available on podcasts. What makes this program different from other food programs is that it is not recipe driven. Most of the shows on the food network center around recipes and then we watch people put those together and maybe along the way we pick up a tip or two.

Food For Thought is all about learning those quick tips and bits of information that will simplify kitchen work. For example: how to cut an avocado so your fingers don’t get dirty, getting your cutting board to stop traveling when you’re trying to cut something, knowing what foods can be frozen and do we really need to clarify butter and scald milk? Learning those techniques gets your mind thinking and understanding the chemistry of the kitchen and the why’s of cooking. So much of the information seems so obvious when we hear it but unless you spend tons of time in the kitchen it may not be so apparent. The segments on Food For Thought will save you tons of time and money and help you have success right away.

If you are not receiving Food For Thought on your local NPR affiliate, write a letter or e-mail then call your local station manager. Make sure you send me a copy and I will do what I can to get the program aired in your area.

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